RAF 166 Squadron

RAF 166 Crest

These pages in memory of and inspired by the crew of Wellington HF596 AS-A

and all other members of

RAF 166 Squadron
Last Updated July 11th, 2020

   Crew Photographs
Plt. Off. Harold Edward Jupp & Crew   Flt. Sgt. Trevor Franklin & Crew
Flt. Sgt. Bill Hilder & Crew   Plt. Off. Robert B. Ridley & Crew
Flt. Sgt. C. Phelps & Crew   Flt. Off. Peter Walter Robert Pollett & Crew
Plt. Off. Bob Hodgson & Crew   Flg. Off. Edward Coles & Crew
Plt. Off. A. E. S. Cooper & Crew   Flg. Off. Harold Mitchell & Crew
Flt. Sgt. Albert Caile & Crew   Flg. Off. Jack L. McGill & Crew
Flg. Off. Bud Churchward & Crew   Flt. Sgt. Johnny Boles & Crew
Plt. Off. Roy A. Kingston & Crew   Plt. Off. Peter Shaw & Crew
Flg. Off. Warren G. Martin & Crew   Flg. Off. Garth Harrison & Crew
Flg. Off. E. Farrington & Crew   Flg. Off. H. John Musselman & Crew
Plt. Off. R. John B. Cann & Crew   Plt. Off. John Stanley Kirton & Crew
Flg. Off. Walter Fred McElwain & Crew    - Plt. Off. Stanley William George Neighbour & Crew
Flg. Off. W. R. Brennan & Crew    - Flg. Off. Bernard Townsend Singleton & Crew
Plt. Off. John Robert Hayward & Crew    - Flg. Off. George Christopher Clewley & Crew
Flg. Off. Wallace Ivon Warmington & Crew    - Plt. Off. Spurgeon Jasper 'Doc' Sisson & Crew
Plt. Off. George Lee & Crew    - W/O. Charles Alfred Mattress & Crew
Plt. Off. Robert Atkinson & Crew    - Sgt. Harold Nash & Crew
Flt. Lt. James Anthony Sherry & Crew  - W/O. Clive Arthur Cox & Crew
Flg. Off. Bernard Frank Steel & Crew  - Plt. Off. James William Reilly & Crew
Sgt. John Coughlan DFM & Crew  - Plt. Off. James Henry Catlin & Crew
Flg. Off. Gerald William Parmenter & Crew Flg. Off. Robert Leslie Graham & Crew
Flt. Lt. Laurence Gibson Holmes & Crew  - W/O. Hugh Andrew Buchan & Crew
Flt. Sgt. George Godfrey Roberts & Crew  - Plt. Off. Ronald Sydney Martin & Crew
Plt. Off. Charles Neville Martin DFC & Crew Flt. Lt. Alan Yates DFC & Crew
Capt. Odd Schyberg & Crew Flg. Off. Edward John Jenkins & Crew
Plt. Off. George Alfred Serrels DFC & Crew Plt. Off. Ernest Brown & Crew
Flt. Lt. Noel Appleton DFC & Crew Plt. Off. Alfred Walter Wylde & Crew
Plt. Off. Willy Christian Kuyser & Crew  

If any visitors to this site have information on any other

166 Squadron crews or individuals that have been lost or survived,

please send a picture/information of the individual or crew together and identify individuals (if possible)

It would be an honour to include them on this web site

   Medals and Awards

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