RAF 166 Squadron

Crew Photographs - Missing or Lost

Lancaster Mk I  AS-N  LM135

Plt. Off. Peter Shaw & Crew

Lost - 11 June 1944

Tasking Versailles, France

Buried Mariel-Le-Guyon War Cemetery, France
Shaw Crew

crew photograph courtesy Mairie of Mareil Le Guyon
J A Cunningham K Ward E G Smith
Sgt. James Alfred Cunningham (RAF) - Flight Engineer Flt. Sgt. Kenneth Rookby Ward  (RAF) - Navigator Sgt. Edward George Smith (RAF) - Wireless Op.
  W R Meddick  
  Flt. Sgt. William Ralph Meddick (RCAF) - Rear Gunner  

L to R Rear

Plt. Off. Peter Shaw  RAF  173547 - Pilot

Sgt. James Alfred Cunningham  RAF  1803037 - Flight Engineer

Sgt. Edward George Smith  RAF  1600337 - Wireless Operator

Flt. Sgt. Augustus Ronald Moller  RAAF  426369 - Air Bomber

L to R Front Row

Sgt. Kenneth Rookby Ward  RAF  1459081 - Navigator

Not included in crew photograph

Sgt. Geoffrey Hodder-Williams  RAF  1628242 - Mid Upper Gunner

Flt. Sgt. William Ralph Meddick  RCAF  R/206095 - Rear Gunner

Sorties »   Posted in 13 May 1944 Notes:
5 Jun 1944 LM135  AS-N Cherbourg  
6 Jun 1944 " Achères  
7 Jun 1944 " Versailles  
10 Jun 1944 " Achères missing nothing heard after take-off