RAF 166 Squadron

Crew Photographs - Missing or Lost

Wellington Mk X  AS-M  HE346

W/O. Charles Alfred Mattress & Crew

missing 26th June 1943

Tasking - GELSENKIRCHEN, Germany

Charles Alfred Mattress

W/O Charles Alfred Mattress

RAAF  402531

Norman Ronald Perry

Sgt Norman Ronald Perry

RAF  1383146

Wireless Operator
Thomas Ball

Sgt Thomas Ball

RAF  1620011

Rear Gunner

all photographs courtesy the Ball Family
John Peter Priestley

Sgt John Peter Priestley

RAF  1517817

Air Bomber
Other crew member

Sgt. Alfred Mortimer  RAF  1499905 - Navigator

no know photograph
Mattress Crew memorial

Memorial marking the final resting place

of the crew of Wellington HE346 which crashed near Holwerd, Netherlands
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22 Jun 1943 HE544  AS-K minelaying W/O Mattress 2nd Pilot with W/Cdr Barclay and crew
24 Jun 1943 HE346  AS-M Wuppertal  
26 Jun 1943 " Gelsenkirchen missing nothing heard after take-off