RAF 166 Squadron

Crew Photographs - Missing or Lost

Lancaster Mk I  AS-X  ME720

Plt. Off. Robert Burns Ridley and Crew

Ridley Crew
R L Clark

Sgt. Ross Lewis Clark

RAF 1603824

Mid Upper Gunner

Photograph Courtesy

Mark Charmley/Michael Clark

A M Weir

Sgt. Alan MaKay Weir

RAF 1567144

Rear Gunner

Photograph Courtesy

Michael Clark

R B Ridley

Plt. Off. Robert Burns Ridley

RCAF J/85631


Photograph Courtesy

Mark Charmley/Michael Clark

L Cotton

Sgt. Leslie Cotton

RAF 1575755

Wireless Operator

Photograph Courtesy

Michael Clark

Piggott and Phillips

Photograph courtesy Piggott Family
L to R Back

Sgt. Ross Lewis Clark  RAF  1603824 - Mid Upper Gunner 

Sgt. John James Eaton  RAF  1608502 - Flight Engineer 

L to R Middle

Plt. Off. Robert Burns Ridley  RCAF  J/85631 - Pilot 

Sgt. Leslie Cotton  RAF  1575755 - Wireless Operator 

L to R Front

Flg. Off. Albert C. Piggott  RCAF  J/23137 - Navigator  Survived - Interned Switzerland

Flg. Off. Roy E. A. Phillips  RCAF  R/176653 - Mid Upper Gunner  Survived - Interned Switzerland

Sgt. Allan MacKay Weir  RAF  1567144 - Rear Gunner 

Flg. Off. Albert Piggott - L

Flg. Off. Roy Phillips - R

taken 1980

Crew burial Vevey St. Martins Cemetery, Switzerland

Photographs courtesy Mark Charmley/Michael Clark
Ridley Funeral 1 Ridley Funeral 2 Ridley Plaque