RAF 166 Squadron

Crew Photographs - Missing or Lost

Lancaster Mk III  AS-E  ME318

Flg. Off. George Christopher Clewley and Crew

Clewley crew

Flight Engineer

photograph courtesy  Albert Bruce Barr
L to R Back

Flg. Off. Allen James Reid  RCAF  J/36936 - Navigator 

Flt. Sgt. Harry Ray Thyret  RCAF  R/224882 - Mid Upper Gunner

Sgt. Alexander John Taylor  RAF  1366936 - Flight Engineer 

Flt. Sgt. Jack Anthony Joyce  RAAF  424536 - Wireless Operator 

Kneeling Front

Sgt. Robert James Barr  RCAF  R/251406 - Rear Gunner 

missing from photograph

Flg. Off. George Christopher Clewley  RCAF  J/87399 - Pilot 

W/O. II Elmer Fasken Williams  RCAF  R/160076 - Air Bomber 

Sorties »   Posted in Oct 1944 Notes:       Notes:
23 Oct 1944 PD365  AS-X Essen   16 Nov 1944 PA179  AS-A Düren  
25 Oct 1944 NG183  AS-D Essen   21 Nov 1944 ND405  AS-C Aschaffenburg  
28 Oct 1944 ND365  AS-M Cologne   27 Nov 1944 PB384  AS-H Freiburg  
30 Oct 1944 PD384  AS-H Cologne   29 Nov 1944 ME318  AS-E Dortmund  
9 Nov 1944 PD335  AS-K Wanne-Eickel   4 Dec 1944 " Karlsruhe missing nothing heard after take-off
11 Nov 1944 PD384  AS-H Minelaying - Kattaget