British Empire Medal (Military and Civil)

Awarded for meritorious service which warranted such a mark of Royal appreciation

British Empire Medal

  Military Division:

   This medal was awarded to subordinate Personnel ONLY: Petty Officers and men, who were

eligible for the military divisions of this order.

  Civil Division:

   The medal was not awarded to members of, or persons eligible for appointment to, any of the

five levels of the Order of the British Empire.


   A thin, circular, silver medal, 1.42 inches in diameter


Britannia is shown seated, the sun to her right and the legend around the edge FOR GOD AND THE EMPIRE and in exergue below:



The Royal Cypher surmounted by a crown with the words, INSTITUTED BY KING GEORGE at the bottom within a border

four heraldic lions.


   Awarded for additional acts of gallantry (silver laurelled bar)


   The laurel leaves on the underside of a straight bar attached to the medal by a single-toe claw


   Originally:  The civil ribbon was purple (1 ¼ inches wide).

   Current (after 1937): The civil ribbon is rose-pink with pearl-grey edges (1¼ inches wide).

   The military ribbon had a narrow central red stripe added.

   Current(after 1937): The military ribbon has a narrow, pearl-grey central stripe added.

  Awarded to:

    Awarded for meritorious service which warranted such a mark of royal appreciation.

Military awards have the service number, full name and unit or service engraved and civil awards

usually have the names in full engraved around the rim.

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