RAF Kirmington

Staff Photographs

P Cooper-Rawlings

LACW Pearl Cooper-Rawlings

Telephonist 166 Squadron 12.43 to disbandment
L Styles

LACW Louise Styles

D. M. T
K Andrews

LACW Kath Andrews

Sgt.'s Mess 7.44 - 11.45
N Pink

LACW Norah Pink

RT. Operator 1943/44
S Thompson

Cpl. 'Scottie' Thompson

Officer's Mess
M A Taylor

Cpl. Mary A. Taylor

MT Clerk 9.1944/9.1945
G Watson

S/O.  J. Grace Watson

Intelligence Officer

photograph courtesy - 'Unsung Heroines' - Vera Lynn with Robin Cross and Jenny de Gex
L Edwards

S/O. Lusette Edwards

A & SD (Intelligence/Operations)

photograph courtesy - David Fell

V Jaines

Vi Jaines


photograph courtesy - Anne Haughie