RAF 166 Squadron

'Nose Art' Photographs

ED731 AS-T2

ED731  AS-T2  'Dante's Daughter'

NG115 AS-U

NG115  AS-U  'Lucky Seven'

photographs courtesy  Nick 'Poppa' Dixon
ME812 AS-F

ME812  AS-F  'Fair Fighter's Revenge'

ED731 AS-L

ND757  AS-T2  'Luftwaffe Lulu'

LM550 AS-B

LM550  AS-B  'Lets Have Another'

ME500 AS-P

ME500  AS-P  'Peter the Pig'

ND170 AS-I

ND170  AS-I  'The 'IMP' Rides Again'

RF152 AS-B

RF152  AS-B  'TARFU'

ND857 AS-G

ND857  AS-G  'Māori Tiki'

LM176 AS-X

LM176  AS-X  'Hirclelberry'

photograph courtesy  Tom Steel