RAF 166 Squadron

Crew Photographs - Missing or Lost
Lancaster Mk III  AS-W  DV180
Plt. Off. C. G. Phelps & Crew

29 January 1944

Tasking Berlin, Germany

collided with another aircraft

at 18000 ft NE of Berlin

Photograph courtesy Roger Cotter
L to R  
     Sgt. H. Gibbons - Rear Gunner (hand on knee) Remaining are ground crew
     Sgt. E. Winder - Wireless Op.(seated white sweater)     
     M/Sgt. W. W. Mitchell - Air Bomber (standing white sweater)   Flt. Sgt. Phelps & Plt. Off.  E. D. Nesbitt - POW
     Sgt. W. H. Clark - Mid Upper Gunner (seated on wing)  
     Sgt. E. P. Hillyard - Flight Engineer (seated on spinner) remaining crew KIA
     Plt. Off. E. D. Nesbitt - Navigator   
     Flt. Sgt. C. Phelps - Pilot  Information Courtesy Christine  Tillett