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Yates - Youngman

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"Ye That Live Mid England's Pastures Green

Think of Us and What Might Have Been"

UK Flag RAF Badge

Yates, Flt. Sgt. Robert Francis

Air Bomber - Lancaster Mk III  AS-N  ND996

RAF Service Number: 1437758

Died: 27th May 1944

Cemetery: Reichswald Forest War Cemetery, Germany

Grave Reference:  Collective Grave  Section 21   Plot C   Grave 5 - 8 Headstone Picture

Canada Flag RCAF Badge

Yelland, Plt. Off. James Joseph

Navigator - Lancaster Mk III  AS-J  DV220

RCAF Service Number: J/85960

Died: 20th February 1944

Commemorated: Runnymede Memorial, Surrey, England

Panel: 253

Canada Flag RCAF Badge

Young, Flt. Sgt. Clarence

Mid Upper Gunner - Lancaster Mk I  AS-J  ME647

RCAF Service Number: R/204280

Died: 31st December 1944

Cemetery: Nederweert War Cemetery, Holland

Grave Reference:  Section IV   Plot A   Grave 4 Headstone Picture

UK Flag RAF Badge

Young, Flg. Off. Leslie

Navigator  Wellington Mk III  AS-L  X3865

RAF Service Number: 125603

Died: 29th March 1943

Commemorated: Runnymede Memorial, Surrey, England

Panel: 130

UK Flag RAF Badge

Youngman, Flt. Sgt. Peter William

Flight Engineer - Lancaster Mk I  AS-A  NG304

RAF Service Number: 1615004

Died: 8th October 1945 (Training Exercise)

Cemetery: North Walsham New Cemetery, Norfolk, England

Grave Reference:  Section J.J.J.  Grave 4 Headstone Picture

* Information on 166 Squadron losses and graves used with the kind permission of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission *
* Grave Marker information Researched and Compiled by Robert John Wilton & David R. Swallow*